everyone I know or follow on tumblr is either a good artist, writer, cosplayer, gifmaker, photoshopper, attractive or just…  amazing

and I sit here like


Is that a… A platypus …with 6 legs??

that’s lotad you uncultured shit

10 Times Pokemon & Tumblr Were the Ultimate Duo

We compiled a list of our favorite Pokemon moments on tumblr. To catch ‘em all, click here!



Nintendo’s sales haven’t been what they hoped for or expected, so all the executives got together and made the decision to cut their salaries in half to ensure their employees still get paid. They say it’s the fault of the executives that the products aren’t selling well, not their employees, so it isn’t fair for the employees to have to take the hits for that.

Why are there people who don’t like or respect Nintendo again?



if my heart was a compass you’d be north


honestly thought this was gonna happen

Oh, me too! And I’m not usually a shipper, you know.

But, it’s sooooo ship-material, it’s almost like someone at Gamefreak or Nintendo or whoever it may be just sat down, stared at the script for this scene and said: “This is it, I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna put this on paper and inflame a whole new generation of shippers!”